A look back over of the stony road we trod and to place at which we are now

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This is a current project taken on by the interns and volunteers here at nonviolence international to create a timeline of this movement and what has lead us here. If you wish to get involved please contact us at info@nonvioelnceny.org

This project looks to establish the following

  1. Timeline | We are actively researching starting with current events in order to build out a solidified timeline of events that have led up to modern times and we will be consistently updating this timeline for the next teams.

  2. Deaths of those who came before us| During the course of these years many have lost there lives. As we go over the course of history we will lay out all the known and not as unknown deaths have and the movements they have inspired Our goal is not just to remember but to analyse how things have escalated.

  3. Other movements | there have been many focused movements in history... from the underground railroader to the black panthers. We will seek to dive into these movements and the actions that have been changed History.

  4. COPS | Peace cannot be achieved with out knowing both sides. In an effort to build sustainable peace we will look into the history of policing in the United states. This will be a journey to breakdown and understand why and how we got here when it comes to law enforcement.

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